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Are you just starting off in the baking world and would like to start baking and decorating classy cakes? Or do you just want to take your baking to the next level? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Starting now is the best you can do for yourself. Time will not wait, and you do not want to look back a year from now regretting why you did not follow your passion.

Hi, I’m Beverley Moyo, teaching baking and cake decoration is what I do best. I offer short baking and wedding cake décor classes for kids and adults in Harare, Zimbabwe. Over the past years I’ve travelled to the UK and South Africa, and greatly enjoy sharing my acquired skills with students in personalized home based settings.

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Wedding Cake Decoration

Creative Cake Designs

Your wedding day has no repeats, so you need to make a statement! I make modern and classic wedding cake designs with romantic flowers, figurines and hand-painted illustrations, that are sure to light up your event.

Every event is special in its own way. I enjoy working with couples in crafting the perfect cake for their event. Whether you are seeking ideas for a traditional wedding cake or have a unique design for non-traditional wedding cake, I would be honored to make an exclusive cake design for you. Book your free appointment today for a one of a kind cake at your next special occasion.

Cake Presentation

As much as the design for a wedding cake is critical, the presentation cannot be left to chance. I can help with creative ways of displaying the center of the wedding reception show.

Each event and venue has its unique character and feel; hence a well thought out presentation goes a long way to properly highlight the desert of the day. Several factors have to be taken into consideration and the responsibility cannot just be left to just anyone. Having presented wedding cakes, big and small in various locations, I am available and ready to help out.

Wedding Cakes Prices

red wedding velvet cake

Red Velvet


An affordable choice for daring couples willing to break tradition.

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wedding carrot cake

Carrot Cake


A great alternative to the more common wedding cake flavors.

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chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake


One of the most popular wedding cake flavors of the year.

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Cakes for Other Occasions

Perhaps you are just looking for an affordable cake, that's just perfect for your next event. The pricing table below shows my latest prices on different types of cakes. Feel free to contact me to place an order.

Prices for Special Event Cakes

Icing options include Fresh Cream, Butter Cream, or Cheese Frosting

Cake Type Small Medium Large
Vanilla Cake $20 $30 $40
Red Velvet $20 $30 $40
Chocolate Cake $20 $30 $40
Marble Cake $20 $30 $40
Lemon Cake $20 $30 $40
Orange Cake $20 $30 $40
Black Forest $25 $35 $45
Carrot Cake $25 $35 $45
Rich Fruit Cake $60 $80 $120

Prices of cakes above are only given as a guideline. The prices are subject to availability of ingredients and are only applicable in Harare Zimbabwe.