Wedding Cake Decoration Disasters I made as a beginner

December, the season of weddings has begun. It gets me thinking of wedding cake decoration disasters I’ve seen in the past. Because of wedding preparation pressures, some brides get to the wedding day without seeing their wedding cake. That normally spells disaster. I’ve seen brides crying, not for joy, but because the wedding cake showed up looking like it was decorated in a preschool.

Let’s be honest, no matter how delicious your wedding cake tastes. If it looks like it was designed by an amateur, no one will talk about how delicious it was. We’ll all sit in the chairs gossiping about what a joke the whole wedding is. Some people would actually ask you who made it, and tell you it was fabulous just to be polite.

We all make mistakes

I won’t pretend that my wedding cake decoration business started with perfectly decorated cakes. My first cake looked like it fell from a bus on it’s way to the wedding. I was so embarrassed to collect the remaining balance of payment for the cake. Another time, kids dropped a cake just a few days before the owner’s wedding. I was relieved when they accepted my offer to make them a dummy cake. I’m glad we’re still friends with the client.

We all make mistakes when we’re still starting out. But when we make mistakes the professional thing to do it so take responsibility. Sit down with the client and explain the situation as best as you can. Also offer some solutions or things that you could do to remedy the situation. Being dishonest only makes things worse. As far as I know, lasting business is not made from dishonesty.

Customers often order wedding cakes based on designs they see on the internet. Have fun watching the epic wedding cake decoration fails in the YouTube video below.

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